half a decade of neonatal sepsis, riyadh, saudi a retrospective study to determine the pattern of neonatal sepsis, all cases admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) between october 1983 and july 1988 at king khalid university hospital, in riyadh were studied. during the review period there were a total of 2117 admissions to the nicu. of those 1252 (59 per cent) underwent septic screening sometimes during their stay in the nicu. the number of babies with proven bacteremia, i.e.; positive blood and or cerebrospinal fluid culture ...19902313776
prevalence of methicillin-resistant staphylococci in riyadh, saudi arabia and their susceptibility to antimicrobial agents. 19947928823
bloodstream infections in pediatric patients.blood stream infection (bsi) is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in pediatric patients. this study aims to describe the clinical, microbiological characteristics and outcome of bsi in pediatric patients.200516228055
a prospective study of the incidence and characteristics of septic arthritis in a teaching hospital in riyadh, saudi find the incidence, characteristics, method of treatment, and outcome of synovial fluid culture-positive septic arthritis, all newly admitted cases of synovial fluid culture-positive septic arthritis to king khalid university hospital, riyadh, saudi arabia were studied prospectively during august 2005 to july 2006 and only those with positive synovial fluid culture septic arthritis were included in the analysis. demographic, clinical, hematological, biochemical, microbiological, radiological, ...200818584268
microbiologic spectrum and visual outcome of posttraumatic identify the microbiologic spectrum and visual outcome of infectious endophthalmitis after open globe injuries.200717290207
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