study of the phenotypic and genotypic biodiversity of potentially ochratoxigenic black aspergilli isolated from grapes.ochratoxin a (ota) is a mycotoxin with nephrotoxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic and immunotoxic effects, naturally found in agricultural products including grapes and wine. black aspergillus species (section nigri) are mainly responsible for ota accumulation in wine grapes and in particular aspergillus carbonarius and aspergillus niger aggregate. the biodiversity of potentially ochratoxigenic strains of black aspergilli from different french vineyards in the southern mediterranean region of langue ...200919386377
black aspergilli and ochratoxin a production in french vineyards.a survey on the occurrence on grape of black aspergillus species and their capability to produce ochratoxin a (ota) was conducted in france over three years (2001-2003) in 10 vineyards from four winemaking regions with different geographical locations and climatic conditions. during 2001 and 2002, from setting to harvest, the total numbers of fungal isolates were respectively 721 and 711 increasing in 2003 to reach 1035. the aspergillus genus was essentially represented by section nigri (99%) an ...200616698102
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