[Invasive aspergillosis with extrapulmonary involvement: pathogenesis, clinical characteristics and prognosis.]BACKGROUND: The incidence of invasive aspergillosis has increased worldwide. Information regarding the clinical characteristics of patients with extrapulmonary involvement is scarce. OBJECTIVE: We aimed to describe the pathogenesis, characteristics and outcomes of patients with invasive aspergillosis and extrapulmonary disease. METHODS: A retrospective study conducted in a university hospital in Barcelona, Spain (1995-2011). RESULTS: A total of 12 cases of invasive aspergillosis and extrapulmona ...201122108606
[infectious external otitis: etiology in the terrassa region, culture methods, and considerations on otomycosis].the etiology of infections of the outer ear was studied in the area of terrassa (barcelona) over a six-year period (1987-1992). a total of 1419 samples of ear discharge were processed. traditional culture media were used to isolate the microorganisms as well as a modified culture medium prepared by us (apa). usual methods were used to identify the microorganisms. the results show pseudomonas aeruginosa to be the most frequently isolated microorganism. 76.5% of the otitis studied were unimicrobia ...19947873104
air-borne fungi in the air of barcelona (spain). iii. the genus aspergillus link.during a survey on the presence of species of the genus aspergillus in the air of the city of barcelona (spain), the following species were identified: aspergillus flavus link, a. niger van tieghem, a. fumigatus fresenius, a. clavatus desmazières, a. terreus thom, a. chevalieri (mang.) thom et church, a. niveus bloch, emend. thom et church, a. ochraceus wilhelm, a. versicolor (vuillemin) tiraboschi, and a. amstelodami (mang.) church et thom.19806770271
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