fungal contamination of potential medical interest in spanish grain stores.a one-year study was made of fungal spores detected in the air and in the grain of two silos and two seed stores near córdoba, spain. gravimetric and volumetric methods were used simultaneously on culture mediums to sample the air. the dilution method was employed to analyze seed contamination. a total of 70 taxa were isolated, 67 of these from the air and 46 in seeds. the most abundant airborne taxa were: aspergillus oryzae, cladosporium cladosporioides and yeast, while yeast, a. niger and a. o ...19968807511
seasonal and daily variation of aspergillus mich. ex fr. spores in the atmosphere of córdoba (spain).the atmosphere contains a complex of spores whose concentration and variation have been the subject of much study, mainly because of the relevance of fungi to allergic and aerobiological pollution problems. this paper reports on the cataloguing of the aspergillus species present in the atmosphere of córdoba, their seasonal and daily variation and their potential relationship with meterological parameters. the sampling was carried out in the city of córdoba by using a volumetric trap on a culture ...19902251978
otomycosis due to filamentous fungi.otomycosis is common throughout the world but barely studied in spain. our objective was to determine the microbiological and epidemiological characteristics of this pathology in cadiz (spain) between 2005 and 2010. samples from patients with suspicion of otomycosis underwent a direct microscopic examination and culture on different media for fungi and bacteria. mycological cultures were incubated at 30°c for at least seven days. identification of fungi was based on colonial morphology and micro ...201121499908
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