production, acceptability and microbiological evaluation of weaning food formulations.weaning food formulations were produced from pearl millet cultivar (sosat c-88), cowpea and groundnut in the ratio of 70:20:10 and 5 per cent malt from six pearl millet cultivars (sosat c-88, zango, ex-borno, icmv is 94206, gwagwa, gb 8735) and one sorghum cultivar (icsv iii) were added to produce seven formulations plus the one without malt. microbiological quality of eight weaning food formulations was evaluated. twenty weaning mothers were used to determine the acceptability of gruels from th ...200616169859
fungi associated with stored unprocessed cowpea and groundnut varieties available in borno state, nigeria.five stored unprocessed cowpea (vigna spp) and four groundnut (arachis hypogeae) varieties available in borno state were examined for the mould flora. the degree of infestation of the grains ranged from 31% to 100% and 68% to 86% for surface sterilized cowpea and groundnut respectively. the mould flora commonly encountered were species of the genera aspergillus. penicillium species, scopulariopsis species and trichoderma species were also found. the flora of the cowpea was dominated by aspergill ...19921300349
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