effects of sodium chloride and relative humidity on growth and sporulation of moulds isolated from cured fish.a total of 14 moulds were isolated from 84 samples of cured fish obtained from several processing centres and retail shops in lagos, ogun and oyo states, nigeria. aspergillus niger, a. flavus and a. chevalieri were the most prevalent. with the exception of basipetospora sp., slight inhibition of mycelial growth and/or sporulation was recorded when isolates were cultured in basal medium containing 5% sodium chloride. the extent of inhibition increased with increasing salt concentrations, and at 2 ...19948028651
mycoflora and occurrence of aflatoxin b1 in dried yam chips from markets in ogun and oyo states, nigeria.seventy-six samples of dried yam chips locally called elubo isu were purchased in 2000 from markets in ogun and oyo states of southwestern nigeria. the samples were assessed for ph, moisture content, associated fungi and aflatoxin b1 contamination. the ph of samples ranged from 5.6 to 6.1,while the moisture contents varied from 6.8 to 14.5% in ogun samples, and 7.1 to 13.6% in samples from oyo. aspergillus and penicillium were the two prevalent genera of fungi, and the number of colony forming u ...200415008353
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