spectrum of fungal keratitis in north report the epidemiologic features and laboratory results of 191 consecutive cases of fungal keratitis presenting to a tertiary level superspecialty teaching hospital of north india.200515604861
survey of airborne culturable and non-culturable fungi at different sites in delhi metropolis.a two year aerobiological survey for culturable and non-culturable fungi was conducted at human height at five different sites in delhi metropolis. burkard personal volumetric sampler for petriplates and slide exposures were used for sampling the air. with simultaneous petriplate and slide exposure a total of 98 fungal forms were recorded. cladosporium contributed for 25-40% of total airborne fungi followed by ustilago (smuts) (24%) aspergillus flavus (10-13%), alternaria (11%) and a. niger (8%) ...19938216555
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