mycotic keratitis in madras.corneal scrapings from 698 clinically suspected cases of mycotic keratitis were investigated for evidence of fungal infection. of these, 322 were found to be positive by direct examination and/or culture. the infection was predominantly seen in the age group 21-50. men were more frequently affected than women. majority of the patients were either agricultural workers or out door manual labourers and 66.8% of them gave a definite history of antecedent corneal trauma due to vegetable or soil matte ...19892777350
in vitro antifungal activity of indirubin isolated from a south indian ethnomedicinal plant wrightia tinctoria r. br.acalypha indica, cassia alata, lawsonia inermis, punica granatum, thespesia populnea and wrightia tinctoria are folklore medicines extensively used in the treatment of ringworm infections and skin related diseases in tamil nadu, india.201020691774
diversity of plant oil seed-associated fungi isolated from seven oil-bearing seeds and their potential for the production of lipolytic enzymes.commercial oil-yielding seeds (castor, coconut, neem, peanut, pongamia, rubber and sesame) were collected from different places in the state of tamil nadu (india) from which 1279 endophytic fungi were isolated. the oil-bearing seeds exhibited rich fungal diversity. high shannon-index h' was observed with pongamia seeds (2.847) while a low index occurred for coconut kernel-associated mycoflora (1.018). maximum colonization frequency (%) was observed for lasiodiplodia theobromae (176). dominance i ...201122806781
detection of aspergillus spp. and aflatoxin b1 in rice in india.twelve hundred rice samples consisting of paddy (675) and milled rice (525) were collected from 20 states across india. these samples were assessed for aspergillus spp. infection on selective medium and aflatoxin b(1) (afb1) by indirect competitive elisa. in this investigation, aspergillus flavus contamination dominated in all the seed samples. the other major contaminants were aspergillus niger, aspergillus ochraceus and aspergillus parasiticus. out of 1200 rice samples, 67.8% showed afb1 rangi ...200919028301
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