environmental surveillance of filamentous fungi in three tertiary care hospitals in greece.the environmental fungal load (fl) of three hospitals was studied in representative regions in greece (thessalonika, northern greece, athens, central greece and heraklion, southern greece). air, surfaces and tap water from high-risk departments were sampled monthly during one year. air fl was [median (range)] 10.6 (1.2-37), 5.5 (3-28.8) and 7.7 (3.1-12.1) cfu/m(3) at thessalonika, athens and heraklion, respectively. air fl was lower in winter and higher in summer and autumn but seldom above acce ...200212419271
the atmospheric fungal flora of the athens metropolitan the research programme of the department of microbiology of the athens university the nature of the mycological flora of the athenian air was studied. the research took place during the calendar year 1971. the open air was sampled twice weekly from two observation stations. the open plate technique was used, petri dishes containing sabourand's agar being exposed for 15 minutes. a total of 180 plates were exposed, and 1714 fungal colonies were isolated; these were subcultured and identified as ...19751207717
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