bulbs mycoflora and their relation with three stored product mites.the distribution of moulds on stored and field onion and garlic plants infested by bulb mites in assiut area (egypt) was studied using pda medium at 28 degrees c. among 40 host samples and the three mite species tested no significant difference was noted in the contamination by moulds. a total of 20 species appertaining to 11 genera were identified from the tested mites and their habitats. the predominant moulds on all samples were "storage moulds" from the genera aspergillus (a. niger, a. versi ...200211913764
fungi on the claws of buffalo and cow in egypt.the frequency of occurrence of fungi in 120 claw samples of buffalo and cow from different localities at assiut governorate was determined. thirty-seven species which belong to twenty genera were collected from the two substrates and the most common genera were chrysosporium (eleven species of chrysosporium were isolated). aspergillus and scopulariopsis. from the preceding genera chrysosporium sulfureum was common on cow claws but c. merdarium was slightly dominant on buffalo claws than on cow c ...19892482351
fungi in two swimming pools in assiut town, egypt.50 water samples from 2 public swimming pools were tested for the presence of fungi using the hair baiting technique and plate count methods. sabouraud's-dextrose agar and littman-oxgall agar media were used for isolation of the fungi. of the keratinolytic fungi 8 species were recorded of which three species were dermatophytes (trichophyton terrestre, 14% of the samples; t. mentagrophytes, 10% and microsporum gypseum, 6%). on littman-oxgall agar the following species were recovered: aspergillus ...19892475993
studies on fungi associated with tomato fruits and effectiveness of some commercial fungicides against three pathogens.among 39 fungal species and one variety belonging to 16 genera isolated from 116 healthy tomato fruits collected from markets in assiut, egypt, during 1994, aspergillus niger was found to be the most prevalent, being isolated from 84.6% of the samples. of 11 species recovered from 156 diseased tomatoes, alternaria alternata, rhizopus stolonifer and a. niger were the most common and isolated from 52.7%, 35.9% and 25.0% of the samples, respectively. experiments for comparison of the effects of med ...19957566057
fungal populations and mycotoxins in silage in assiut and sohag governorates in egypt, with a special reference to characteristic aspergilli toxins.forty silage samples were collected from assiut and sohag governorates in egypt to measure the presence of fungal population in silage. forty-three species and 2 species varieties belonging to 17 genera were isolated using glucose czapek's and sabouraud's dextrose agar media at 28 degrees c. the most prevalent genera were aspergillus (57.5 and 100 of the samples), penicillium (100 and 55%) on the two mentioned media, respectively. also, fusarium oxysporum and gibberella fujikurori were recovered ...200515770455
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