isolation, identification and seasonal distribution of airborne and waterborne fungi in terkos lake (istanbul-turkey).this paper focuses on isolation and identification of airborne and waterborne fungi from different parts of terkos lake located in istanbul (turkey). the quantitative and qualitative fungal composition of the air and water of the lake was surveyed monthly for a year (august 2000-july 2001). water samples were taken at five different stations at terkos lake. airborne fungal spore levels were estimated by exposing a petri dish containing rose-bengal streptomycin agar medium to air for 15 minutes. ...200312746850
fungal biodiversity and mycotoxigenic fungi in cooling-tower water systems in istanbul, turkey.this is the first study to assess fungal diversity and mycotoxigenic fungi in open recirculating cooling-tower (ct) water systems (biofilm and water phase). the production capability of mycotoxin from fungal isolates was also examined. the mean fungal count in 21 different water and biofilm samples was determined as 234 cfu/100 ml and 4 cfu/cm(2). a total of 32 species were identified by internal transcribed spacer (its) sequencing. the most common isolated fungi belonged to the genera aspergill ...201728362312
[house dust mold in istanbul. i. detection of mold flora in bed dust].in our study, mycological analyses were carried out on 110 randomly chosen houses for bed dusts. 748 mould strains belonging to 117 genus and species were isolated and identified. air-borne pathogenic fungi, fungi that are causative agents of pulmonary allergy such as cladosporium spp., aspergillus glaucus group, alternaria, ulocladium, aureobasidium pullulans, aspergillus niger group were isolated.19883273596
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