atmospheric mold spores in tehran, iran.plate method, using modified sabouraud and littman oxgall agra media, was used to study atmospheric mold spores in tehran, iran, for a complete year. twenty-two different genera of molds were identified and counted. of these, yeast, penicillium, cladosporium, rhodotorula, alternaria, stemphylium and aspergillus were the most abundant and were seen all year 'round. other genera were observed seasonally and in small numbers.1978343658
diversity, molecular phylogeny and fingerprint profiles of airborne aspergillus species using random amplified polymorphic the present study, diversity and phylogenetic relationship of aspergillus species isolated from tehran air was studied using random amplified polymorphic dna (rapd)-polymerase chain reaction (rapd-pcr). thirty-eight aspergillus isolates belonging to 12 species i.e. a. niger (28.94 %, 11 isolates), a. flavus (18.42 %, 7 isolates), a. tubingensis (13.15 %, 5 isolates), a. japonicus (10.52 %, 4 isolates), a. ochraceus (10.52 %, 4 isolates), and 2.63 %, 1 isolate from each a. nidulans, a. amstelo ...201627116962
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