thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi of animals' hair.nine thermophilic genera and 17 species in addition to one variety of aspergillus flavus, malbranchea pulchella and humicola grisea were collected from hair samples in riyadh, saudi arabia at 45 degrees c. fifty-one hair specimens of rabbit, sheep, camel and horse were examined for the presence of thermophilic fungi. the most frequent species were aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus niger, thermoascus aurantiacus and malbranchea pulchella var. sulfurea. in low frequency, aspergillus flavus, asper ...19911805498
mycoflora of air-conditioners dust from riyadh, saudi arabia.using the hair baiting technique, 6 genera and 14 species were collected on sabouraud's dextrose agar from 37 dust samples from air-conditioners. the most common fungi were chrysosporium tropicum, c. indicum, c. keratinophilum, aspergillus flavus followed by acremonium strictum and scopulariopsis brevicaulis. using the dilution-plate method, 26 genera and 52 species were collected from 37 dust samples on glucose-(23 genera and 45 species) and cellulose-(18 genera and 34 species) czapek's agar at ...19883236219
lamp-pcr detection of ochratoxigenic aspergillus species collected from peanut kernel.over the last decade, ochratoxin a (ota) has been widely described and is ubiquitous in several agricultural products. ochratoxins represent the second-most important mycotoxin group after aflatoxins. a total of 34 samples were surveyed from 3 locations, including mecca, madina, and riyadh, saudi arabia, during 2012. fungal contamination frequency was determined for surface-sterilized peanut seeds, which were seeded onto malt extract agar media. aspergillus niger (35%), aspergillus ochraceus (30 ...201525729999
use of selected essential oils to control aflatoxin contaminated stored cashew and detection of aflatoxin biosynthesis gene.aspergillus spp. associated with cashew from the regions of riyadh, dammam, and abha were isolated and three different culture media were used to qualitatively measure aflatoxin production by aspergillus via uv light (365 nm), which was expressed as positive or negative. the obtained data showed that six isolates of a. flavus and four isolates of a. parasiticus were positive for aflatoxin production, while all isolates of a. niger were negative. five commercially essential oils (thyme, garlic, c ...201525705718
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