study of the micro-organisms associated with the fermented bread (khamir) produced from sorghum in gizan region, saudi arabia.traditional bread (khamir) was made from sorghum flour of two local varieties, bayadh and hamra. the bread was prepared by mixing the sorghum flour with water and spices (onion, garlic, lemon juice and fenugreek) in a 1:0.8 (w/w) ratio and fermented for 24 h at 30 degrees c. two other fermentations were carried out using an inoculum from the previous fermentation. the micro-organisms were isolated from different plates and identified using different characterization systems. both total bacterial ...199910063620
fungi species and red flour beetle in stored wheat flour under jazan region conditions.infection of stored wheat flour with insects and toxic fungi can be an extremely serious problem. this study was conducted to isolate and identify the fungal species and insects in different stages, which infested and contaminated the stored flour under jazan region conditions and changed its color and flavor. the obtained results revealed that the isolated insect was the red flour beetle tribolium castaneum. live adult, larvae and cast skin were isolated. four aspergillus species were isolated ...201422903175
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