[prevalence of antibodies against the viruses of european swine fever, aujeszky's disease and "porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome" in wild boars in the federal states sachsen-anhalt and brandenburg].during the hunting season from 1991/1992 blood samples were collected from wild boar shot in the federal states of sachsen-anhalt (482 samples) and brandenburg (177 samples) which corresponds to 2.1 and 0.4% of the total hunting bag. all sera were screened in a complex trapping blocking (ctb) elisa for antibodies against hog cholera virus (hcv) and in an indirect elisa for antibodies against aujeszky's disease virus (adv). additionally the sera were tested for neutralizing antibodies against hcv ...19948131731
oral immunisation of wild boar against classical swine fever: concluding analysis of the recent field trials in germany.the recent oral immunisation trials in wild boar against classical swine fever (csf) in germany are described and evaluated in summary. after the first field study in lower saxony from 1993-1995 further immunisation trials started in mecklenburg-western pomerania, brandenburg, lower saxony, baden-württemberg and saxony-anhalt. the immunisation strategies and the size of the vaccination zones were different in the individual federal states. in principle, the bait vaccine based on the csf virus st ...200212058591
incidence of classical swine fever (csf) in wild boar in a densely populated area indicating csf virus persistence as a mechanism for virus perpetuation.a virological survey was carried out to establish the distribution of classical swine fever (csf) virus among wild boar in the federal state of brandenburg, germany. organ materials and blood samples were collected from 11,670 wild boar shot or found dead during the period march 1995 to december 1997. in total 211 (1.8%) wild boar were positive for csf virus or antigen. the incidence of csf-positive animals decreased continuously from 4.6% at the beginning of the epidemic in 1995 to 0.7% in 1997 ...199910085775
[the situation of classical swine fever in wild boars in the european community and selected aspects of disease transmission].the situation of classical swine fever (csf) in europe is described on the basis of the literature. in the european community, csf is present among wild boars in germany (federal states mecklenburg-western pomerania, brandenburg and lower saxony), in france (northern vosges) and in italy (regio emìlìa romagna in 1997 and sardinia--enzootically infected). infected wild boars are important as a source of infection for domestic pigs in germany. selected aspects of the transmission of csf virus from ...19989674308
[case report: porcine circovirus type 2 infection in an european wild boar (sus scrofa) in the state of brandenburg, germany].this case represents the first case of porcine circovirus type 2 (pcv-2)--infection in a free living european wild boar associated with morphological lesions, which are regarded as characteristic for postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome (pmws) in domestic pigs. the animal, an approximately 10 month old male, was found dead in a rural area within the state of brandenburg, germany. the closest commercial pig farm is located in 3 km distance from the spot where the carcass was found. at necro ...200314650740
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