antibody prevalence of hog cholera, bovine viral diarrhoea and aujeszky's disease virus in wild boars in northern germany.during the hunting season 1990/1991 a total of 841 blood samples was collected from shot wild boar corresponding to about 2.11% of the total hunting bag in lower saxony. all the sera were screened for neutralizing antibodies (nab) to hog cholera virus (hcv) and bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bvdv) by direct neutralizing peroxidase linked antibody (npla) assay. for the detection of antibodies (ab) against hcv a complex trapping blocking (ctb) elisa was used. cytotoxic sera were retested using an i ...19938404524
[genetic typing of german isolates of classical swine fever virus].during the last decade several outbreaks of classical swine fever (csf) occurred in germany in domestic pigs and in wild boar, respectively. two major epidemics which also affected other eu member states were recorded. to support epidemiological investigations genetic typing was applied and virus isolates originating from different outbreaks in germany were assigned to groups and virus types. two genomic regions were selected for the phylogenetic analysis, namely 150 nucleotides from the 5' non- ...200111449911
oral immunisation of wild boar against classical swine fever: concluding analysis of the recent field trials in germany.the recent oral immunisation trials in wild boar against classical swine fever (csf) in germany are described and evaluated in summary. after the first field study in lower saxony from 1993-1995 further immunisation trials started in mecklenburg-western pomerania, brandenburg, lower saxony, baden-württemberg and saxony-anhalt. the immunisation strategies and the size of the vaccination zones were different in the individual federal states. in principle, the bait vaccine based on the csf virus st ...200212058591
[the situation of classical swine fever in wild boars in the european community and selected aspects of disease transmission].the situation of classical swine fever (csf) in europe is described on the basis of the literature. in the european community, csf is present among wild boars in germany (federal states mecklenburg-western pomerania, brandenburg and lower saxony), in france (northern vosges) and in italy (regio emìlìa romagna in 1997 and sardinia--enzootically infected). infected wild boars are important as a source of infection for domestic pigs in germany. selected aspects of the transmission of csf virus from ...19989674308
use of biotechnical methods in veterinary medicine.biotechnological methods offer promising approaches for improved diagnostic and prophylactic purposes. the following biotechnological techniques are used in the institute of virology at the hanover veterinary school:--production of monoclonal antibodies directed against viral and bacteria-specific antigens such as bovine virus diarrhoea virus, classical swine fever (hog cholera) virus, feline leukaemia virus, animal parvoviruses, alphavirus, brucella and francisella--establishment of improved an ...19901966725
[field infection with bvd virus in swine: epidemiology and diagnosis].in a pig breeding herd in lower saxony infertility of breeding sows had been repeatedly observed. growth retardation and post mortem findings in two piglets gave clinical indication to swine fever/hog cholera. a virus was isolated and typed by monoclonal antibodies as pestivirus not identical with hog cholera virus (hcv). in neutralization tests applying the field isolate, hcv and bovine viral diarrhea (bvd) virus the sera breeding sows and weaner pigs yielded high neutralizing antibody titres a ...19948131728
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