risk analysis of the spread of classical swine fever virus through "neighbourhood infections" for different regions in belgium.risk factors associated with the occurrence of "neighbourhood infections" [epidemiology of classical swine fever. in: truszczynski, m. (ed.), proceedings of the workshop on diagnostic procedures and measures to control classical swine fever in domestic pigs and the european wild boar. pulaway, poland, pp. 119-130] during classical swine fever (csf) outbreaks were examined based on information collected during a csf-epidemic, which occurred in the east flanders province of belgium in 1994. the on ...200312900147
descriptive epidemiology of a classical swine fever outbreak in the limburg province of belgium in 1997.this paper describes the epidemiological characteristics of the 1997 classical swine fever (csf) outbreak that occurred in the limburg province of belgium, where there is a policy of non-vaccination, intensive surveillance and eradication. between 30 june and 17 july 1997, eight herds, located in three different areas, were confirmed to be csf-positive. csf virus was transmitted from the primary infected herd of one area to another five herds in the same area and to one herd in a different area. ...200111315525
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