[classical swine fever in wild boars in switzerland].in may 1998, wild boars with classical swine fever (csf) symptoms were detected in the southern part (canton ticino) of switzerland. csf virus was isolated from the submitted samples and rt-pcr followed by direct nucleotide sequencing of the 5' non-translated region showed that this virus was identical to the isolate previously recognized in wild boars from the area of varese (italy). in most animals, antibodies to csf virus were detected as well. an immediate measurement was taken by limiting t ...199910228397
epidemiology and control of an outbreak of classical swine fever in wild boar in outbreak of classical swine fever in wild boar in the southern part of switzerland (canton of ticino) was investigated after the implementation of control measures in a defined infected area (the risk zone), and in a surrounding surveillance zone (the non-risk zone). after the disease had been detected, hunting was not allowed in the risk zone for over six months, during which the disease was left to run its course, but hunting was continued in the non-risk zone for one month. after seven mon ...200211842816
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