analyses of genes encoding theileria parva p104 and polymorphic immunodominant molecule (pim) reveal evidence of the presence of cattle-type alleles in the south african t. parva population.restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of pcr products (pcr-rflp) and sequencing of the variable region of the p104 and pim genes was performed on samples obtained from south african t. parva parasites originating from cattle on farms with suspected theileriosis and from buffalo. p104 and pim pcr-rflp profiles similar to those of the t. parva muguga stock, an isolate that causes ecf in kenya, were obtained from three of seven cattle samples collected on a farm near ladysmith in kwazul ...201121621920
occurrence of theileria parva and other haemoprotozoa in cattle at the edge of hluhluwe-imfolozi park, kwazulu-natal, south africa.theileria parva, the most important bovine theilerial species in sub-saharan africa, causes widespread mortality and morbidity in endemic areas. a survey was conducted using buffy-coat specimens from 60 apparently healthy adult communally herded nguni-type cattle at the northeastern edge of the hluhluwe-imfolozi park to determine, by means of pcr and reverse line blot (rlb) hybridisation, the occurrence of theileria and babesia species. the presence of trypanosoma species was determined using pc ...201020649154
four p67 alleles identified in south african theileria parva field samples.previous studies characterizing the theileria parva p67 gene in east africa revealed two alleles. cattle-derived isolates associated with east coast fever (ecf) have a 129bp deletion in the central region of the p67 gene (allele 1), compared to buffalo-derived isolates with no deletion (allele 2). in south africa, corridor disease outbreaks occur if there is contact between infected buffalo and susceptible cattle in the presence of vector ticks. although ecf was introduced into south africa in t ...201019836893
occurrence of theileria parva infection in cattle on a farm in the ladysmith district, kwazulu-natal, south africa.theileria parva causes widespread morbidity and mortality in cattle in endemic regions. an outbreak of theileriosis occurred on a farm near ladysmith in kwazulu-natal, south africa, which is not a declared corridor disease-infected area. a survey of red brangus cattle from all age groups and areas of the farm was performed. transmission of the parasite from infected animals on the farm to susceptible animals by tick transmission and tick-stabilate injection, was attempted. the survey indicated h ...200818678189
field and laboratory studies on corridor disease (theileria parva infection) in cattle population at the livestock/game interface of uphongolo-mkuze area, south africa.corridor disease (theileria parva infection in cattle associated with carrier buffaloes) had not been reported to cause serious outbreaks in south africa prior to 1994. in recent years, there has been an increase in the introduction of t. parva-infected buffaloes onto private game parks in northern kwazulu-natal (kzn). the objectives of this study were to investigate the number of t. parva outbreaks in cattle at the livestock/wildlife interface and to establish the possible t. parva carrier stat ...201323333107
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