immunization of cattle against east coast fever using theileria parva (marikebuni) and relaxation of tick control in north rift, kenya.a total of 90 animals was immunized against east coast fever (ecf) using theileria parva (marikebuni) stock on three large-scale farms in kiminini division, trans-nzoia district, north rift, kenya. another 90 cattle served as non-immunized controls. following immunization the number of cattle with significant indirect fluorescent antibody (ifa) titres increased from 43.9% to 84.4% and 6.7% of the cattle developed clinical ecf reactions. two months after immunization, the immunized and non-immuni ...200111769354
a pcr-based field evaluation of theileria infections in cattle and ticks in kenya.theileria parva is a hemoprotozoan parasite responsible for causing east coast fever in east and central africa. the vaccine currently available is an "infection and treatment" procedure which involves the injection of live sporozoites followed by drug therapy to prevent clinical illness. before introducing potentially new strains of parasite into an area, however, it is crucial to check the disease situation in the field first. we looked at three different areas in kenya: limuru in which many c ...19989668451
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