theileriosis in zambia: etiology, epidemiology and control zambia, theileriosis manifests itself in the form of corridor disease (cd), caused by theileria parva lawrencei, and east coast fever (ecf), caused by t. parva parva. of the approximately 3 million cattle in zambia, 1.4 million are at risk to theileriosis. ecf is found in the northern and eastern provinces of the country, while cd appears in southern, central, lusaka and copperbelt provinces. theileriosis is a major constraint to the development of the livestock industry in zambia, with losse ...19947933764
ecology and phenology of ticks in zambia: seasonal dynamics on cattle.a study of the seasonality and infestation rates of ticks was carried out in 11 cattle herds in different ecological habitats in zambia between 1980 and 1982. wherever possible supplementary data were obtained from opportunistic collections from cattle and other hosts. analysis of over 1000 tick collections from cattle indicated that infestation rates of the most important species, amblyomma variegatum and rhipicephalus appendiculatus vary in different ecological habitats: (i) in western provinc ...19863451861
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