protozoan enteric infection in aids related diarrhea in thailand.the aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of enteric protozoa and other pathogens in aids patients with diarrhea in bangkok, thailand. of 288 consecutive patients screened in the 10 month period between november 1999-august 2000 inclusive, 55 (19.2%) had cryptosporidium spp, 13 (4.5%) had isospora oocyst, 11 (3.8%) had giardia lamblia, 3 (0.9%) had entamoeba histolytica, and 1 (0.3%) had iodamoeba butschlii infection. the prevalence of microsporidia was 11% in this study. of 251 pati ...200112041580
carriage rate of enterocytozoon bieneusi in an orphanage in bangkok, thailand.this study was performed to evaluate the incidence of and risk factors for enterocytozoon bieneusi carriage in an orphanage in bangkok, thailand. e. bieneusi has been identified by pcr every 2 consecutive months since june 2003. the incidence ranged between 0.6 and 4.7/100 person-months. person-to-person transmission was indicated by risk factor analysis and genotyping information.200919710259
transmission of enterocytozoon bieneusi genotype a in a thai orphanage.a cross-sectional study of enterocytozoon bieneusi infection in children who lived in an orphanage in bangkok, thailand was conducted in april 2003. two hundred ninety stool specimens were collected and examined under light microscopy after staining with gram-chromotrope. confirmation of e. bieneusi was done using transmission electron microscopy. of 290 samples, 12 (4.1%) were positive for e. bieneusi. genotypic characterization of 10 e. bieneusi showed that all were genotype a, which might ind ...200516014843
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