campylobacter infections in the united states. results of an 11-state january 1982, 11 states (alabama, arizona, georgia, illinois, minnesota, new mexico, oregon, texas, vermont, washington, and wisconsin) began reporting monthly their isolations of campylobacter to the centers for disease control in atlanta. the information reported included the species of campylobacter organisms, the week of the report, the site from which the organism was isolated, and the age and sex of the infected person. a total of 3,966 isolates were reported in 1982, of which 3,900 wer ...19846087756
notes from the field: campylobacteriosis outbreak associated with consuming undercooked chicken liver pâté - ohio and oregon, december 2013-january 2014.on january 8, 2014, the ohio department of health notified the oregon public health division (ophd) of campylobacteriosis in two ohio residents recently returned from oregon. the travelers reported consuming chicken liver pâté* at an oregon restaurant. on january 10, ophd received additional reports of campylobacteriosis in two persons who had consumed chicken liver pâté at another oregon restaurant. campylobacter jejuni was isolated in cultures of fecal specimens from three patients. ophd inves ...201525879900
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