Outbreak of acute gastroenteritis due to a washwater-contaminated water supply, Switzerland, 2008.An operating error in a sewage treatment plant led to severe drinking water contamination in a well-defined district of a suburban municipality of Zurich, Switzerland. Despite the alert issued to the local population on the same day advising people not to consume the contaminated water, cases of acute gastroenteric diseases were subsequently observed. Considerable faecal contamination was detected the day after the incident in water samples taken up to 500 m from the sewage plant. In a retrospec ...201121976203
[campylobacter jejuni enteritis in switzerland].in a two-center study (zurich and berne) covering a 5-month period (september 1979 to january 1980) 665 faeces from patients with diarrhoea and 800 faeces from people without diarrhoea were examined for campylobacter jejuni. by selective culture campylobacter jejuni was isolated from 28 faeces of 35 patients with diarrhoea (5,7%) while none of the normal faeces yielded a positive culture. isolation rates for salmonellae and shigellae from the same material (patients with diarrhoea) were 12.6% an ...19807394474
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