[etiological analysis of enteric infectious diseases during beijing olympic games].to understand pathogen patterns of enteric infectious diseases and its impact on this pattern due to aggregation of a great deal of foreign visitors during beijing olympic games.200920137562
the molecular mechanisms of ciprofloxacin resistance in clinical campylobacter jejuni and their genotyping characteristics in beijing, china.we assessed the susceptibility of 182 campylobacter jejuni isolates from patients with diarrhea to eight antibiotics and analyzed the molecular mechanisms of ciprofloxacin resistance as well as the genetic characteristics based on multilocus sequence typing (mlst). the c257t mutation was found on the quinolone resistance-determining region (qrdr) of the gyra gene in all ciprofloxacin-resistant strains. mutations on the qrdr of the gyrb gene were silent. a total of 74 strains had 7 inverted repea ...201728696791
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