Empiric antimicrobial therapy and infectious diarrhea. Do we need local guidelines?In the management of acute diarrhea, administration of antibiotics may be indicated. Appropriate antimicrobial therapy can shorten illness, reduce morbidity and can be life-saving in invasive infections. Emergence of microbial strains resistant to commonly used antibiotics means that treatment failures may become common. Because of changing patterns of resistance, knowledge of recent local patterns of susceptibility can guide the initial choice of antibiotics.201121925045
a waterborne campylobacter jejuni outbreak on a greek island.a case-control and a case-crossover study were performed to investigate a campylobacter jejuni outbreak in crete in 2009. most cases originated from rural areas, served by a different water-supply system from that of the adjacent town. thirty-seven cases and 79 controls were interviewed; cases were interviewed for two different time periods for the case-crossover study. stool cultures, pfge and mlst subtyping were run in human samples. univariately, consumption of tap water was associated with c ...201020836911
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