waterborne outbreak of campylobacter enteritis.a report is given on an outbreak of enteritis which occurred in july 1982 in a kibbutz near jerusalem. about 150 of the 512 inhabitants were affected. campylobacter jejuni was isolated from ten out of 42 stool samples examined toward the end of the outbreak. no other enteric pathogen was found. strong circumstantial evidence indicated an association between the outbreak and the use of water from an unprotected reservoir, but no bacteriological confirmation was obtained.19836667684
extended scheme for serotyping campylobacter jejuni: results obtained in israel from 1980 to 1981.the serotyping scheme for campylobacter jejuni previously developed in the national center for campylobacter, jerusalem, was extended by the use of 20 new sera and modified by the absorption of the sera, when necessary, with homologous boiled cultures or heterologous live cultures. the extended scheme is based on slide agglutination of live suspensions and is performed in two stages: pretesting with four pooled sera and final testing with monovalent sera. so far, 34 serotypes have been recognize ...19836619282
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