q-fever serologic diagnostics with inhabitants of canton of sarajevo 2001 year.q-fever is widely spread antropoozosis caused by coxiellae burnetti, an intracellular compulsory microbe parasite. two characteristics of coxiellae burnetti are of crucial importance for appearance of q-fever, especially in the circumstances when the cause of infection remains unclear. the first one is a high resistance of coxiellae burnetti to environment changes and the second one is a small size of the infectious dose. the clinical manifestations of q-fever can vary, so the making of diagnosi ...200312822377
investigation of a focus of q fever in a nonfarming population in the federation of bosnia and herzegovina. 200312860631
[coxiella burnetii infections as the public-health problem].to evaluate the incidence of human q-fever in individual regions of bosnia and herzegovina, to determine the prevalence and areas at risk of q-fever incidence, to assess q-fever seroprevalence and to demonstrate seroprevalence ratings in regard to relevant criteria (sex, age, location of residence).200515822674
public health problem of zoonoses with emphasis on q fever.zoonoses are animal and human diseases. q fever is primarily a zoonosis-an animal disease that can be transmitted to humans under certain conditions. recent epidemiological studies suggest that q fever should be considered as a public health problem in many countries where it is present, but unrecognizable due to inadequate disease controls. through specific serological diagnosis of clinically suspected human q fever cases, we are trying to determine a level of general coxiella burnetii (c. burn ...200617114710
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