clinical and epidemiological features of hospitalized acute q fever cases from split-dalmatia county (croatia), 1985-2002.q fever shows a wide diversity of clinical manifestation. q fever is endemic in northern croatia, but the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of this disease in various ecological areas of southern croatia are unclear.200616501424
q fever in croatia: war-induced changes in epidemiological characteristics.the article describes the epidemiological characteristics of q fever in croatia, during the period before and after the homeland war. in the ten years prior to the homeland war (1983-1992) 1053 cases of q fever were recorded, 16.2% (171) of which on islands and in coastal areas. in the period after the homeland war (1995-2008), a total of 654 cases was recorded, 59.9% (392) of which on islands and in coastal areas. in addition to reduced incidence, geographic distribution of the disease also cha ...201020977073
epidemiological features of mediterranean spotted fever, murine typhus, and q fever in split-dalmatia county (croatia), 1982-2002.we determined the epidemiological features of three zoonoses in hospitalized patients in southern croatia. patients were diagnosed by serological testing. clinical and epidemiological data were also collected. between 1982 and 2002, mediterranean spotted fever (msf) was diagnosed in 126 (incidence rate 1.27/100,000 per year), murine typhus (mt), in 57 (incidence rate 0.57/100,000 per year), and q fever in 170 (incidence rate 1.7/100,000 per year) patients. msf and q fever were characterized by a ...200717850690
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