dog-transmitted zoonoses: a serological survey in the province of bologna.eight hundred and two sera of owned dogs from four small towns north-west of bologna were examined for the presence of antibodies against coxiella burnetii and leishmania infantum. at the same time, 149 sera of 69 dog owners from the same area were tested for the presence of antibodies to q fever, leishmaniasis, echinococcosis/hydatidosis and toxocarosis. of the 802 dog sera, 7 (0.87%) were positive for q fever. of the 69 dog owners, 24 (35%) were positive for q fever, 4 (6%) for echinococcosis/ ...19921303042
an epidemiological study on q fever in the emilia-romagna region, italy.a seroepidemiological survey was carried out in cattle from an apenninic area of the emilia-romagna region, italy, in order to assess the prevalence and to analyze the epidemiology of coxiella burnetii infection. the complement fixation test was performed on 711 animals from 99 herds. the prevalence rate was 13.1% with respect to the herds and 4.4% with respect to the animals. the positive titres ranged from 1:8 to 1:256. significant differences in positivity were found between animals of differ ...19948167437
abortion in cattle due to infection with staphylococcus aborted fetus of 7 months gestation, the associated placenta, and a single blood sample from the dam were submitted for diagnostic investigation to the diagnostic laboratory of the lombardy and emilia-romagna experimental zooprophylactic institute in parma, italy. the serum was negative for neospora caninum, coxiella burnetii, chlamydophila abortus, bovine herpesvirus 1 (bhv-1), bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv), brucella abortus, and brucella melitensis. fetal tissues and placental cotyledo ...201425292193
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