[prevalence of antibodies against coxiella burnetii in 2 geographical zones of tuscany].q fever, caused by coxiella burneti, was first identified as a separate syndrome in 1937 in australia. usually it takes the form of an acute atypic lung pneumonia disease, but subclinic or non-typical forms are also known. q fever is a zoonoses. the most important source of infection is represented by sheep; the transmission to man occurs by vectors (ticks), or more often by carriers as aerosol, non-pasteurized milk and dairy products. in italy the first outbreaks of q fever date back to the end ...19892483896
serological investigations for some bacterial and viral pathogens in fallow deer (cervus dama) and wild boar (sus scrofa) of the san rossore preserve, tuscany, italy.sera of 43 fallow deer (cervus dama) of the san rossore preserve (tuscany, italy) were examined for antibodies against eight pathogens; one proved positive for brucella sp., 21 for listeria monocytogenes, 34 for chlamydia psittaci, three for coxiella burnetii, one for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, 11 for parainfluenza-3 virus, 25 for bovine viral diarrhea virus and six for bovine respiratory syncytial virus. no age and sex difference in the positivity rates and titers was evidenced, w ...19882832622
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