investigation of a q-fever outbreak in northern italy.a study was conducted to evaluate the extent of a q-fever epidemic through active case finding in the area of vicenza (north-eastern italy), and to identify risk factors for q-fever in this outbreak.19968891546
serological evidence of rickettsia infections in forestry rangers in north-eastern italy.the prevalence of antibodies to rickettsiae and other tick-borne microrganisms in the sera of 181 forestry rangers from friuli-venezia-giulia, italy, was examined. seven (3.9%) sera were positive for rickettsia conorii and rickettsia helvetica, as single or dual infections; four of these sera had been found previously to be positive for borrelia burgdorferi. antibodies to coxiella burnetii were detected in five (2.8%) sera, four of which were also positive for b. burgdorferi. these findings indi ...200616643531
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