[seroprevalence of human q fever in switzerland].in current practice, only serology, by the titration of anti-coxiella burnetii antibodies, permits the diagnosis of acute or chronic q fever. new serological techniques have also made it possible to more accurately determine the number of people in a community who have been affected by this infectious agent. we have thus been able to compare the results of 1437 specimens from the whole of switzerland with 4009 taken in the valais. the analysis of these sera by indirect microimmunofluorescence no ...19863520805
rhipicephalus ticks infected with rickettsia and coxiella in southern switzerland (canton ticino).ticks of the rhipicephalus sanguineus species complex may be vector of various pathogens including rickettsia conorii (the etiological agent of the mediterranean spotted fever) and coxiella burnetii (cause of the query (q) fever). r. sanguineus ticks have been imported in several parts of central and northern europe, especially in environments such as kennels and houses providing the appropriate microclimatic conditions and the blood source necessary for their survival. since 1940 these ticks ha ...200212797987
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