prevalence of antibodies to rickettsia conorii coxiella burnetii and rickettsia typhi in salamanca province (spain). serosurvey in the human population.the salamanca province of spain is an endemic zone for mediterranean spotted fever. in this area, only one case of q fever has been reported and typhus group rickettsial diseases have never been diagnosed. to obtain a panoramic view of the presence of antibodies to the most ubiquitous rickettsial agents, 400 sera specimens from a statistically representative sample of the human population of salamanca city and its surrounding province were subjected to indirect microimmunofluorescent test for an ...19902123799
[seroprevalence of coxiella burnetii and rickettsia conorii infection in the province of soria].determine the antibodies prevalence against coxiella burnetii and rickettsia conorii in soria (spain).19938305552
seroepidemiological survey of q fever in león province, spain.a seroepidemiological survey, using an indirect immunofluorescence test against coxiella burnetii (antigenic phase ii), was carried out in león province, north-western spain. a total of 406 serum samples was collected from people (from 15 to more than 65 years old) living in a rural environment during the winter and spring of 1994. the overall prevalence was 40.6%, titres ranged from 1:80 to 1:640, and a titre of 1:80 was encountered among 60.6% of positive samples. a significant higher prevalen ...19968884191
[outbreak of q fever and seroprevalence in a rural population from soria province].the aim of this study was to describe an outbreak of acute fever in a rural town from soria (spain) in the spring of 1998 and to know the prevalence of igg antibodies to coxiella burnetii in this population.200111333569
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