vaccine prophylaxis of abattoir-associated q fever: eight years' experience in australian abattoirs.during the period 1981-8 a clinical trial of a q fever vaccine (q-vax; commonwealth serum laboratories, melbourne) has been conducted in abattoir workers and other at-risk groups in south australia. volunteers in four abattoirs and visitors to the abattoirs were given one subcutaneous dose of 30 micrograms of a formalin-inactivated, highly-purified coxiella burnetii cells, henzerling strain, phase 1 antigenic state, in a volume of 0.5 ml. during the period, over 4000 subjects have been vaccinate ...19902323360
vaccine prophylaxis of q fever. a follow-up study of the efficacy of q-vax (csl) examine the efficacy of various batches of a formalin-inactivated whole cell coxiella burnetti vaccine (henzerling strain, phase 1 [q-vax, csl]) in the prevention of q fever among abattoir workers.19948202006
serological survey for antibodies to infectious agents in beef cattle in northern south australia. 19979066974
range expansion of the tick amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum, an australian vector of q fever.the tick amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum has previously been reported from western australia, queensland and new south wales. a viable population of this species, including all developmental stages, has now been discovered on the southern end of yorke peninsula, south australia. species determination was carried out morphologically and using 18s and 16s rrna. the data for 16s rrna are the first published for this species. amblyomma t. triguttatum is significant through its involvement in the n ...200010899523
q fever in south australia. ii. surveys of human and bovine sera. 195313119022
"q" fever in south australia: i. isolation of causative organism from 4 cases and its identification as rickettsia burneti. 195014796125
diagnosis of acute q fever by pcr on sera during a recent outbreak in rural south australia.diagnosis of q fever has largely been dependent upon serology, which may lead to delayed diagnosis as seroconversion can take weeks to develop. during a recent q fever outbreak (27 patients) in rural south australia, we compared the diagnostic rate of serology with two separate real-time pcrs, the 27kda outer membrane protein and the insertion sequence. pcr was positive (on either or both pcr assays) in sera of 67% of the patients. median time required for making serological diagnosis was 17 day ...200617114779
hosts of the exotic ornate kangaroo tick, amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum koch, on southern yorke peninsula, south australia.amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum is assumed to be endemic to south-western western australia (including barrow island), queensland (excluding cape york peninsula), and new south wales, south to dubbo and barham. the species has been recorded on a range of mammalian hosts including macropods and domestic animals. in queensland, a. triguttatum triguttatum is implicated in the epidemiology of q fever. in 2000, the species was detected on southern yorke peninsula in south australia. we aimed to ide ...200717611781
human perception and awareness of ticks in a south australian rural community and implications for management of amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum.the ornate kangaroo tick, amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum, is invasive on yorke peninsula, south australia. to assess the potential for developing comprehensive management strategies for the species, we mailed 1,000 surveys to yorke peninsula residents to investigate community perceptions of ticks, gather information on tick-host ecology, and assess whether or not occupation and length of residence affected whether residents had seen ticks. the response rate was 32%; most respondents (63%) had ...200818427936
a windy day in a sheep saleyard: an outbreak of q fever in rural south december 2004, the department of human services investigated an outbreak of q fever in south australia. a case-control study tested an association between attending a local saleyard and human illness. a case was defined as a person with clinical illness and evidence of seroconversion or high phase ii igm. controls were selected from a database of community controls matched on sex, age group and postcode. matched analysis of the first 15 cases with 45 controls indicated that contracting q feve ...201524814266
q fever vaccine uptake in south australian meat processors prior to the introduction of the national q fever management program.despite the availability of a vaccine, the incidence of q fever disease among populations at risk continues to be high. q fever is an important cause of morbidity for workers, particularly in the meat and agricultural industries. following an increase in 1998 in the number of q fever notifications among meat processors to the communicable disease control branch, south australia, a survey was conducted in the same year to assess the uptake of q fever immunisation programs in meat processors and t ...200516465932
q fever in south australia: an outbreak in a meat-works. 196213866491
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