[a seroprevalence study of coxiella burnetii in antalya, diyarbakir and samsun provinces].the aim of this study was to demonstrate the presence of q fever infection in three selected provinces, located in south anatolia, southeast anatolia and black sea regions of turkey. specimens of 339 healthy subjects (114 from antalya, 116 from diyarbakir, and 109 from samsun) were randomly selected from serum samples that are stored in national serum bank, refik saydam national hygiene center, and tested for the presence of igg antibodies against coxiella burnetii phase ii antigen by using indi ...200415700664
seroprevalence of q fever in a district located in the west black sea region of turkey.q fever is a worldwide zoonosis caused by coxiella burnetii. in turkey, it has been reported from the late 1940s that q fever is endemic in humans and animals. our objective was to evaluate the seroprevalence in samsun tekkeköy (north turkey), where an outbreak of q fever occurred in 2002. in this cross-sectional study, subjects were selected by the random proportional sampling method. all subjects were healthy with no specific symptoms and tested by the microimmunofluorescent antibody test. in ...201020195671
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