yersinia enterocolitica as a cause of infantile diarrhoea in rio de janeiro, brazil.yersinia enterocolitica is reported as the causative agent of infantile diarrhoea in rio de janeiro. four strains were isolated from 70 children with diarrhoea. apparently, this is the first report of y. enterocolitica-associated diarrhoea in latin-america.1978751117
a novel class a extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (bes-1) in serratia marcescens isolated in brazil.serratia marcescens rio-5, one of 18 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing strains isolated in several hospitals in rio de janeiro (brazil) in 1996 and 1997, exhibited a high level of resistance to aztreonam (mic, 512 microgram/ml) and a distinctly higher level of resistance to cefotaxime (mic, 64 microgram/ml) than to ceftazidime (mic, 8 microgram/ml). the strain produced a plasmid-encoded esbl with a pi of 7.5 whose bla gene was not related to those of other plasmid-mediated ambler ...200011036023
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