external quality assessment for clinical microbiological laboratories in norway 1983.the external quality assessment scheme for clinical microbiology (eqa-m) used in norway in 1983 is described and the results are evaluated. altogether three distributions, each consisting of 3--4 simulated clinical specimens, were carried out. all specimens were distributed as "open" tests (identifiable by the participants as eqa-m tests), but two were also simultaneously distributed as "blind" tests (not identifiable by the participants as eqa-m tests). the eqa-m in 1983 has revealed some probl ...19846493581
yersinia enterocolitica and y. enterocolitica-like bacteria isolated from healthy humans in norway.faeces samples from a total of 397 presumably healthy students in norway were collected during april to september, 1979. twenty strains of y. enterocolitica and y. enterocolitica-like bacteria were isolated from 10 (3%) of these students. six students harboured 2-4 antigenically distinct strains. of the total of 20 strains, 14 were typical y. enterocolitica isolates, representing five different serogroups (4, 5, 6, 7-8, 13-7 and non-agglutinable). the remaining six strains were tentatively desig ...19807223431
[an outbreak of yersinia enterocolitica o:9-infection].yersiniosis is a zoonosis that is transmitted from pigs to humans. in january 2006 more cases of yersinia enterocolitica enterocolitis than expected were reported in norway. the fact that the isolates belonged to the o:9 serogroup, which is rare in norway, and the geographical and temporal clustering of the cases, pointed to an outbreak. we have conducted a retrospective study of 11 patients who were diagnosed during this outbreak.200717332812
specific pathogen-free pig herds also free from campylobacter?as specific pathogen-free (spf) pig herds are designed and managed to prevent specific pig diseases, it might be feasible to expand the list of micro-organisms also including zoonotic pathogens such as campylobacter coli as this agent has its origin in pigs. in a previous survey, 15 of 16 of spf herds were found free from human pathogenic yersinia enterocolitica. accordingly, three nucleus and seven multiplying herds were surveyed for campylobacter to investigate whether the norwegian spf pig py ...201524798507
prevalence of antibodies to yersinia enterocolitica o:3 among norwegian military recruits: association with risk factors and clinical manifestations.igg antibody activity to yersinia enterocolitica serogroup o:3 was detected in sera from 56 (7.4%) of 755 norwegian military recruits, using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. the highest prevalence was found among recruits from oslo city (12/56, 21.4%). the recruits answered a questionnaire which covered demographic data, specific exposures, and clinical information. the following risk factors were found to be independently associated with igg activity in logistic regression analysis: receiv ...19947672058
clinical features of sporadic yersinia enterocolitica infections in norway.during october 1988 through january 1990, a study of sporadic yersinia enterocolitica infections was done in the oslo region to assess the clinical impact and risk factors for this disease. sixty-seven case-patients (mean age, 23.4 years) and 132 population-based age- and sex-matched controls were enrolled. among patients who were well when interviewed, illness lasted a mean of 20 days, but 10% of the others remained symptomatic a year later. bloody diarrhea occurred only in persons less than 18 ...19921527416
sources of sporadic yersinia enterocolitica infections in norway: a prospective case-control study.yersinia enterocolitica is a recognized cause of gastroenteritis in northern europe. during october 1988-january 1990, a prospective case-control study was performed to address risk factors associated with sporadic y. enterocolitica infections in southeastern norway. sixty-seven case-patients (mean age 23.4 years, range 8 months-88 years) and 132 age-, sex- and geographically-matched controls were enrolled in the study. multivariate analysis of the data showed that persons with y. enterocolitica ...19948119353
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