joint spatial analysis of gastrointestinal infectious diseases.a major obstacle in the spatial analysis of infectious disease surveillance data is the problem of under-reporting. this article investigates the possibility of inferring reporting rates through joint statistical modelling of several infectious diseases with different aetiologies. once variation in under-reporting can be estimated, geographic risk patterns for infections associated with specific food vehicles may be discerned. we adopt the shared component model, proposed by knorr-held and best ...200617089949
[yersinia enterocolitica in acute appendicitis, lymphadenitis mesenterialis and regional enteritis (author's transl)].in 895 patients operated on for acute appendicitis we found yersinia enterocolitica in 41 cases. another two cases were detected in postoperative serological examinations. lymphadenitis mesenterialis was present in 17 cases during operation. once we detected a regional enteritis. histological examination of the appendix revealed a purulent inflammation in 21 cases and a phlegmonous-gangrenous inflammation in 4 cases. the other 18 patients suffered from oxyuriasis, coprostasis or scars of the app ...1976961157
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