enteric bacterial pathogens in stools of residents of urban and rural regions in nigeria: a comparison of patients with and without diarrhoea and controls without diarrhoea.a total of 2,400 stool samples comprising 1,200 from patients with diarrhoea (600 each from urban and rural area) and 1,200 similarly divided controls were obtained from school children and clinic attendants of government and private clinics around three designated study centres of edo, lagos and cross river states, nigeria. these were screened for the prevalence of bacteria that could cause diarrhoea. diarrhoea cases in urban areas had a high prevalence rate for campylobacter spp. (28%), follow ...19979661320
evaluation of the pathogenicity and virulence of yersinia species isolated in edo and delta states of nigeria.sixteen isolates of four species of yersinia comprising five of yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia fredricksenii, four of yersinia intermedia and two of yersinia kristensenii isolated from domestic and wild animals in villages in edo and delta states, nigeria, were evaluated for their pathogenicity using laboratory animal models and virulence characteristics tests which included autoagglutinability, calcium dependency for growth, heat-stable enterotoxin production and conjunctivities in guinea ...19938026357
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