isolation of yersinia enterocolitica from stools of acute gastroenteritis cases in lagos, nigeria. 19817030709
a study of the aetiological agents of childhood diarrhoea in lagos, nigeria.from december 1989 to may 1990, 315 faecal samples from children under 5 years old with diarrhoea (215) and without diarrhoea (100) seen at paediatric clinics were investigated for bacterial, viral and parasitic enteropathogens. standard and recently described methods were used for the investigations, which revealed that 74.9% of children with diarrhoea were infected with enteropathogens compared with 28% of controls. in the diarrhoeal group, 59.1% had a bacterial, 26.5% a viral and 2.3% a paras ...19948289209
enteric bacterial pathogens in stools of residents of urban and rural regions in nigeria: a comparison of patients with and without diarrhoea and controls without diarrhoea.a total of 2,400 stool samples comprising 1,200 from patients with diarrhoea (600 each from urban and rural area) and 1,200 similarly divided controls were obtained from school children and clinic attendants of government and private clinics around three designated study centres of edo, lagos and cross river states, nigeria. these were screened for the prevalence of bacteria that could cause diarrhoea. diarrhoea cases in urban areas had a high prevalence rate for campylobacter spp. (28%), follow ...19979661320
local pattern of acute enteric bacterial infections in man--lagos, nigeria.stool specimen from 994 patients with acute diarrhoeal diseases were processed for bacterial agents known to be responsible for acute diarrhoea. these were from patients seen at the lagos university teaching hospital over a 9 month period. the pattern that emerged showed shigella isolates made up by 36 flexneri; 29 boydii, 21 dysenteriae and 4 sonnei; salmonella isolates were typhi 3, typhimurium 12, enteritidis 3, oranienburg 9, others 8; yersinia enterocolitica 14; campylobacter species 20; en ...19836347763
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