[two outbreaks of yersinia enterocolitica o:8 infections in tokyo and the characterization of isolates].although the number of outbreaks caused by yersinia enterocolitica has been very small in japan, 4 outbreaks were occurred during the 2 years between 2012 and 2013. we describe herein 2 outbreaks which were examined in tokyo in the present study. outbreak 1: a total of 39 people (37 high school students and 2 staff) stayed at a hotel in mountain area in japan had experienced abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever in august, 2012. the y. enterocolitica serogroup o:8 was isolated from 18 (64.3%) out o ...201627032176
isolation of yersinia from wild animals living in suburbs of tokyo and yokohama. 19958833792
occurrence of yersinia enterocolitica in the tokyo tama zoo.yersinia enterocolitica serogroups o5a and o8 were isolated from fecal samples of one colony of japanese macaques (macaca fuscata) from the tokyo tama zoo (japan). serogroup o5a was detected in brown bear (ursus arctos) prior to the isolation from the macaques. serogroup o5a organisms also were isolated from the japanese macaques' breeding area. serogroup o5a and o8 isolates were not pathogenic. serogroup o8 isolates did not possess the o7 or o19 antigens.19892716113
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