first isolation of yersinia intermedia from stool during an epidemiological investigation in bangladesh.following the first isolation of yersinia intermedia (y. intermedia) in the microbiology branch of icddr, b from two postmortem cases, one of whom suffered from pneumonia and septicaemia and the other from enteric fever, an epidemiological investigation was carried out in the communities from where these postmortem cases had come. the stools from both postmortem cases were negative for yersinia. one hundred and twenty five contacts of the first postmortem case and 135 contacts of the second post ...19836649049
an attempt to detect yersinia enterocolitica infection in dacca, bangladesh.although yersinia enterocolitica has been isolated in a few cases in some tropical countries, it is more prevalent in cold european countries. recently, several reports have incriminated pig and pork as the chief reservoirs of y. enterocolitica. to determine the presence of this organism in dacca, we attempted to isolate it from 212 stool samples from patients with a clinical picture resembling yersiniosis, 113 other stool samples from patients with diarrhoea, 30 appendices from appendectomized ...19827123648
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