epidemiology, clinical course and impact on hospitalization costs of acute diarrhea among hospitalized children in athens, greece.the aim of this study was to describe the etiology, morbidity and hospitalization costs associated with acute diarrhea among hospitalized children in greece. during 1999, 294 hospitalized children (median age 1 y) with acute diarrhea were prospectively studied. bacterial and viral enteropathogens were detected in 100 (34%) and 37 (12.5%) patients, respectively; 17 (6%) patients had mixed infections. isolated agents included salmonella spp. (43 patients; 15%), rotavirus (32; 11%), campylobacter s ...200111669226
acute diarrhoea in children treated in an outpatient setting in athens, describe the epidemiology and aetiology of acute diarrhoea among children treated exclusively in an outpatient setting in greece.200111676518
detection of chromosomal and plasmid--encoded virulence determinants in yersinia enterocolitica and other yersinia spp. isolated from food animals in greece.the distribution of yersinia strains in animal reservoirs was examined in 835 food animals (pigs, chickens, sheep, cows) from different greek departments (attica, fthiotida, viotia and evia) over a one year period. the isolated strains were characterized with respect to the presence of chromosomal (yst) and plasmid-encoded virulence determinants (virf, yada) and their antimicrobial susceptibility was tested. in total, yersiniaspp. were obtained from 9.94% of the 835 food animals at slaughter tha ...200717825934
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