the microbiological quality of drinking water supplies of izmir city: the incidence of yersinia enterocolitica.a total of 100 water samples collected from piped public supplies, wells with and without motor pumps, springs and commercially bottled spring waters were microbiologically examined. in order to determine microbiological quality, aerobic bacterial and coliform counts were estimated and the presence of escherichia coli and yersinia enterocolitica was investigated. of the samples tested, 85 of them met the specifications set by tfr (turkish food regulation) for coliforms, whereas 72 of them met th ...19911863530
isolation of pathogenic yersinia enterocolitica strains from different sources in izmir region, turkey.yersinia enterocolitica is a foodborne pathogen that is very rarely encountered in turkey. in this work, several human, porcine, and environmental samples collected from izmir region in turkey were examined for the presence of y. enterocolitica using different cultivation and enrichment methods. a total of nine pathogenic y. enterocolitica strains were isolated; five strains from pig stool and manure samples and four strains from waste water samples. on the other hand, no y. enterocolitica was i ...201525912845
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