detection of toxigenic bacillus cereus strains isolated from vegetables in mexico city.bacillus cereus can cause diarrhea and emetic syndromes after ingestion of food contaminated with it. this ability is due to the production of enterotoxins by this microorganism, these being the hemolysin bl complex, which is involved in the diarrheal syndrome, and cereulide, which is responsible for the emetic syndrome. the detection of genes associated with the production of these toxins can predict the virulence of strains isolated from contaminated food. in this paper, we analyzed 100 sample ...201425474064
application of 2 microbioassays for evaluating the pollution present in the xochimilco and lerma-santiago basins].pollution due to urban-agricultural and urban-industrial activities, on the enzymatic activity of two microorganisms was evaluated. the zones under study are located in the caltongo "embarcadero", in xochimilco, d.f., and the basin of lerma-santiago river, state of mexico. nine and ten stations were established, respectively. samples of water and sediment were taken, in order to determine their ph, salinity, organic matter, as well as the toxic effect produced on escherichia coli beta-galactosid ...199911001710
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