prevalence of emetic bacillus cereus in different ice creams in this study, 809 samples of ice cream from different sources were investigated by using cultural methods for the presence of presumptive bacillus cereus. isolates from culture-positive samples were examined with a real-time pcr assay targeting a region of the cereulide synthetase gene (ces) that is highly specific for emetic b. cereus strains. the samples were collected from ice cream parlors and restaurants that produced their own ice cream and from international commercial ice cream companie ...201020132691
emetic bacillus cereus are more volatile than thought: recent foodborne outbreaks and prevalence studies in bavaria (2007-2013).several bacillus cereus strains possess the genetic fittings to produce two different types of toxins, the heat-stable cereulide or different heat-labile proteins with enterotoxigenic potential. unlike the diarrheal toxins, cereulide is (pre-)formed in food and can cause foodborne intoxications shortly after ingestion of contaminated food. based on the widely self-limiting character of cereulide intoxications and rarely performed differential diagnostic in routine laboratories, the real incidenc ...201424895578
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