investigation of an outbreak of vomiting in nurseries in south east england, may 2012.on 30 may 2012, surrey and sussex health protection unit was called by five nurseries reporting children and staff with sudden onset vomiting approximately an hour after finishing their lunch that day. over the following 24 h 50 further nurseries supplied by the same company reported cases of vomiting (182 children, 18 staff affected). epidemiological investigations were undertaken in order to identify the cause of the outbreak and prevent further cases. investigations demonstrated a nursery-lev ...201626165194
assessment of the microbiological quality of meat pies from retail sale in england 2013.outbreaks of foodborne illness caused by bacillus cereus and listeria monocytogenes in england associated with meat pie consumption were detected in 2012. to obtain baseline data for pies unrelated to outbreaks, 862 samples of ready-to-eat meat pies were collected at retail or from catering facilities in england in 2013 and examined to enumerate food-poisoning bacteria and indicator organisms using organization for standardization (iso) methods for listeria spp. including l. monocytogenes (iso 1 ...201627296425
an outbreak of bacillus cereus respiratory tract infections on a neonatal unit due to contaminated ventilator outbreak of bacillus cereus respiratory tract infections affecting six ventilated preterm neonates over a two-week period is described. reusable ventilator circuits were identified as the cause of the outbreak. ordinarily these were reprocessed on the neonatal unit (nnu), first through a washing machine and then through a low-temperature steam (lts) disinfector. the onset of the outbreak coincided with a breakdown of the lts facility, which necessitated sending the washed circuits off site fo ...19999949960
an assessment of the microbiological quality of liver-based pâté in england 2012-13: comparison of samples collected at retail and from catering businesses.the purpose of this study was to investigate the microbiological quality of liver pâté. during 2012-13, a total of 870 samples, unrelated to the investigation of food-poisoning outbreaks, were collected either at retail (46%), catering (53%) or the point of manufacture (1%) and were tested using standard methods to detect salmonella spp. or campylobacter spp., and to enumerate for listeria spp., including listeria monocytogenes, clostridium perfringens, coagulase-positive staphylococci including ...201728190406
epidemiological typing of bacillus cereus by amplified fragment length polymorphism.a simple amplified fragment length polymorphism method was developed for the epidemiological typing of bacillus cereus. the method was applied to 21 cultures from seven food poisoning and eight non-food poisoning incidents. results were compared with those obtained by conventional serotyping using flagellar antigens and assessed in relation to epidemiological data. amplified fragment length polymorphism was found to be highly reproducible and 16 different profiles (each unique to the 15 incident ...200010792663
microbiological quality of take-away cooked rice and chicken sandwiches: effectiveness of food hygiene training of the management.during august 2001 a microbiological study of ready-to-eat cooked rice from take-aways and of chicken sandwiches made on the premises from sandwich bars was undertaken. the intention was to identify risk factors in the production, storage and handling of cooked rice and sandwiches, and to establish their effect on microbiological quality. examination of cooked rice revealed that the majority of samples (87%; 442 of 508) were of satisfactory/acceptable microbiological quality; 50 (10%) were unsat ...200212564243
wessex shopping basket survey - a structured approach to local food sampling.the shopping basket approach to food sampling, in which ready-to-eat food items from a shopping list were sampled at premises chosen at random, was adopted by 15 environmental health departments in the wessex region. a total of 2037 samples were analysed over a 30-month period. the microbiological quality varied considerably between food categories, with gravy and stock samples giving the highest proportion of satisfactory results. sliced meats, cooked rice and sandwiches gave the poorest overal ...200314594701
food-poisoning episodes associated with bacillus cereus in fried rice. 19744133716
amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) analysis of clostridium novyi, c. perfringens and bacillus cereus isolated from injecting drug users during part of the follow-up investigations associated with an outbreak of severe illness and death among illegal injecting drug users during 2000, 43 cultures of clostridium novyi type a, 40 c. perfringens type a and 6 isolates of bacillus cereus were characterised by amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) analysis. among the 43 c. novyi isolates, 23 different aflp profiles were detected. the same aflp profile was detected in isolates from 18 drug users investigated during 2000 from scotland ...200212448684
food poisoning and salmonella infections in england and wales, 1969-1972. an analysis of reports to the public health laboratory service. 19744213119
bacillus cereus cross-infection in a maternity-unit. 19816175691
unusually severe food poisoning from vanilla slices.thirty six people suffered from severe vomiting and diarrhoea 15 min to 3 h after eating vanilla slices from the same bakery. five patients were admitted to hospital, and one developed unusual skin lesions after admission. staphylococcus aureus was isolated in large numbers from vanilla slices of the same batch as those giving rise to symptoms, and from five faecal specimens obtained from affected persons. bacillus cereus and bacillus subtilis were also isolated from the slices. unbaked custard ...19846438231
risk factors for outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease linked to domestic catering.the epidemiology of general outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease associated with domestic catering for large numbers is described and compared with foodborne outbreaks in other settings. from 1 january 1992 to 31 december 1994, the phls communicable disease surveillance centre identified 101 foodborne general outbreaks of infectious intestinal disease associated with domestic catering in england and wales (16% of all foodborne outbreaks). salmonella species were associated with 77 of the 1 ...19968990573
an unusual outbreak of food-poisoning associated with outbreak of food-poisoning after a meals-on-wheels lunch affected 49 persons, 1 of whom died. bacillus cereus serotype 10 and bacillus licheniformis were isolated in large numbers from many of the patients including the deceased and from the remains of the meal. clostridium perfringens (c. welchii) serotype 68, which was isolated from many of the patients and the deceased but not from the food, may also have been responsible. food kept warm during distribution can produce an ideal environment ...197769207
an investigation of the bacteriological quality of retail vanilla hundred and thiry-three vanilla slices, purchased from shops in the west yorkshire metropolitan county, were examined to determine the numbers and types of bacteria present at the time of purchase. the surface colony count at 37 degrees c was greater than 10(3)/g in 67/133 (50%) of the samples examined, bacillus cereus being found at that concentration in 21.8%, coliform bacilli including e. coli in 5.3%, staphylococcus aureus in 3-0% and streptococcus faecalis in 0-8%. thirty-four strains o ...1977405420
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