cyathostominae (nematoda) parasites of equus caballus in some brazilian states.thirty six horses from nine brazilian states (goiás, minas gerais, pará, maranhão, piauí, paraíba, pernambuco, rio grande do norte, and ceará) were examined for infections by small strongyles. the following species were identified: cylicocyclus nassatus, c. insigne, c. brevicapsulatus, c. leptostomum, c. radiatus, c. ultrajectinus, c. ashworthi, cylicostephanus goldi, c. calicatus, c. minutus, c. longibursatus, petrovinema poculatum, coronocyclus coronatus, c. labiatus, c. labratus, cyathostomum ...199910489198
[epidemiology of encephalitis caused by arbovirus in the brazilian amazonia].an overview of ecological, epidemiological and clinical findings of potential arthropod-borne encephalitis viruses circulating in the amazon region of brazil are discussed. these viruses are the eastern equine encephalitis (eee), western equine encephalitis (wee), st. louis encephalitis (sle), mucambo (muc) and pixuna (pix). these last two are subtypes (iii and iv) of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus. the areas of study were the highways and projects of development, as well as places where o ...19911844977
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