establishing a prophylactic drug dispensing clinic: the university of rhode island model.the purpose of this guide is to assist community and university planners in developing and implementing a medication point of dispensing plan and conducting a point of dispensing drill. key planning strategies addressed include community assessment, resource coordination, community partnerships, physical plant considerations, and multifunction considerations that will assist community planners to better prepare for bioterrorism or naturally occurring infectious disease events.200717719510
gao's evaluation of the public health response to the anthrax incidents of 2001, with notes on the rhode island experience. 200314983545
public health response to bioterrorism with bacillus anthracis: coordinating public health laboratory, communication, and law october 2001, public health departments across the united states were part of an intensive response to a bioterrorism event using anthrax spores delivered by mail. it is useful to examine this experience as an unscripted exercise of bioterrorism response capacity, more realistic than scenarios of planned exercises. the event particularly challenged public health laboratory and communications capacity, but it also tested surveillance and training capacity. the bioterrorism response demonstrate ...200315503598
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